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Natural and Safe

Ath Ayurdhamah uses only natural and safe ingrediants to manufacture it's products.

Herbal Quality Guaranteed

There are number of natural herbs and products that are used by Ayurvedic doctors. We ensure careful selection and sourcing of herbs, minerals and oils from the best sources and appreciate the fact that hygiene and high quality control standards are critical in the manufacturing of these medicines and products.

Approved by Ayush Department

All the products manufactured by Ath Ayurdhamah and being marketed on its online shop, have been approved by Directorate of AYUSH, Haryana Government.

GMP Certified

Our manufacturing facilities are certified under GMP. We operate under Mfg License No. – 646-ISM-HR.

100% Secured Payment Processing

The payment gateway used by our online shop - EBS takes maximum care in protecting your payment related details including the following:

  1. - Using current cryptography standards (preferably hardware which secures the cryptographic keys), if the account number must be decrypted on a computer system that can be addressed from the Internet.
  2. - Use cryptographic hardware or software meeting current standards, if the account number can only be decrypted on devices not accessible from the Internet.
  3. - Not storing the account and transaction information on a computer accessible from the Internet.

Further details of adherance can be read here.