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Ath Supragya Plus - 1 Month Pack

Ath Supragya Plus - 1 Month Pack

Ath Supragya Plus - 1 Month Pack

Supragya CTA

Safe Ayurvedic Nerve Tonic Supragya Plus is an effective herbal solution for resolving all nerve related issues like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Phobia etc. without any side effects.

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How does Supragya Plus work?

Supragya Plus is an unparalleled innovation by Dr. Parmeshwar Arora, made from most suitable combination of Medhya Rasayan herbs which are known to revive the nervous strength back naturally. The right balance and form of herbs used in Supragya Plus ensures it is free from any side effects and helps you get out of any of your nervous weakness symptoms as below, almost effortlessly. 

  1. Stress
  2. * Depression
  3. * Anxiety
  4. * Phobia
  5. Insomnia
  6. Palpitation
  7. Lack of Confidence
  8. Irritability
  9. Intolerance
  10. * Nervous Dysfunction etc.


Dose:  25 ml of Ark + equal qty of water + 2 caps- twice-a-day. 

Most people start seeing visible improvment in their symptoms within 2 to 3 weeks.  Average Recovery time - 5 to 7 months.

Monthly Pack: consists of 3x500 ml of Ark and a set of 120 Capsules.

This standard dose - twice a day, helps in cases of moderately compromised nervous integrity, who may easily break down and create problems for themselves. People who wish to take Supragya Plus just to maintain their nervous integrity - should only take it once a day. People with higher level of complexity or ongoing known issues should start with high dose - i.e. 3 times a day and reduce to 2 times a day after corrections have been observed.

Supragya Plus is an excellent mix of time-tested Ayurvedic herbs that replenish and strengthen the brain and the nervous system. A completely safe, simple and effective tonic, without ANY side-effects. It has been found to be effective even in the case of acute stress. Within 30 days, you will be feeling much more relaxed, calm, clear-headed and energetic.

Ingredients :Vacha, Ashwagandha, Shankpushpi, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Arjuna, Gokchhur, Shatavari, Punarnava, Peepal, Draksha, Vat, Aamalaki, Haritaki, Vibhitaki

Are you finding it too expensive to try? If yes, you may like to start with Trial Pack for Rs. 800, but please be aware it can take 2-3 weeks to start showing improvments in symptoms.

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Wish to save money? Volume discount of 20% available on 3 or more monthly packs - Please use 'Supragya#3' as discount code or order Large Pack!

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Manan Patra

Effective Tonic

My stress level has come down a lot within 2 months of starting with Supragya Plus, while it was recommended for 6 month. Anyway, I would carry on for now as there seems no side effect.


no improvement

I'm taking supragya plus from one month but there is no result

Devendra M

nice product

I'm suffering from insomnia when I used supragya plus my symptoms are reduced. Nice product

Rajesh Arora

Superb and really Amazing with no addictive effect

I tried this product for 2 months and would certainly recommend others who are suffering from any type of nervous are psychological disorder. The results have been amazing. When I first read about this on the net I was not sure that it will give results or the reviews given on net are only a show biz as has been for many other products. Please do try this product for yourself or your relatives, friends or other known people who might be suffering from any type of nervous or psychological disorder. A must try product indeed.


A great doctor we got

Its Amazing product working fentastic ..iam student of CA was studying for 12-16hrs i got rank along with some psycholgical issues like ismonia,stress,depression,spondylosis ,weakness problems are subsided upto75 % using frm 2months my age30 ...i give 100 %assurance for this product ...thank you no.09059859879


supragya is jeevan daan

Its amazing product ...i was suffering from stress and depression and anxity for 3 years result in i got cervical spondylosis and i am using supragya for 10 days ....pain in the neck is subsided now

Vasant Patel

Life saver

I like to say that Supragya Plus is really a life saver - specially for the people like me who had lost hope to live a normal life ever again.. thank you Dr. Arora and team.



It's really great


Sugestable one

My father was suffering from Nervous weakness.He took Supragya and He felt some good results. You have to talk to ayurthamah team for convey your nervous weakness level they will guide you.



Its great


Acute Stress

Mind blowing, tremendous
Just try once


how to buy!

I live in kathmandu. I want to buy supragya. where to buy, how to buy I have no idea. I asked pharmacology shop, I could not find. I live in kathmandu. Where I have to contact to buy supragya.




Madhu Sudan Khadka. From Kathmandu, Nepal


One of the best medicine in the world. No negative thought. More Stamina, no fear

Yashpal S


Supragya has helped me get my life back. Would recommend to any one and specially people having trouble of depression


A Natural Calmer

I used to get really nervous with illness of parents or children and that carried on until they were back to good health. Any unplanned activity also created a feeling of panic in me. I have been taking Supragya for a month and feel that most of problem is now gone. I certainly recommend this to anyone looking for better and calmer life.

Ms. Ranjana, Gurgaon (Email –

I am a changed person now

For past few years i was noticing lot of unwanted changes in me – I used to be in hurry for everything and was easily irritable. I also had some kind of fear and resulting anxiety effected my relations both at family front as well as in office. Now after taking Supragya for 4 months I feel I am a different person. All the negativity has gone and my relations have grown stronger – my behaviour in office has also changed a great deal and noticeable by my colleagues and subordinates. I feel lucky to have come across this remedy.

Ms. Jyoti (Mobile – 9310885553)

Ghabrahat No More

I have been taking Supragya for 1 month – the regular problem of ‘Ghabrahat’ that used to have, has almost gone. I plan to carry on with this remedy for times to come.

Shalini Gupta (Email – )

Excellent Product

I have been taking Supragya for 15 days so far – medium dose. Earlier I know I was getting more and more negative. I had a pessimistic view to everything. I had lots of breaks in my sleep resulting in feeling of tiredness through out the day – Now this all has changed and I am much more positive.

Narendra Jamwal

Very Effective Product

Oh.. Wow.. It has only been a week since I started with Supragya and it does what they say on their website. It soothes the nerves.. and I am now cool about so many troubles in my life.. wow, can’t believe this medicine has been available and not many people no about it yet. Good job you guys started with the online initiative.. its bound to spread like fire. All the best to everyone, May you all enjoy the calmness without any side effects.

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Ath Supragya Plus - 1 Month Pack

Ath Supragya Plus - 1 Month Pack

Supragya CTA

Safe Ayurvedic Nerve Tonic Supragya Plus is an effective herbal solution for resolving all nerve related issues like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Phobia etc. without any side effects.

Supragya Product Video    Video Testimonials    Frequently Asked Questions

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